About us


We are a small family business, born with the aim of sharing our knowledge and passion for the spices of the world, their unlikely associations and their unsuspected virtues.

By promoting quality and striving to offer the best, our products have been carefully selected, from the origin, to the harvest, to the assembly we make. So we have carefully chosen each supplier and manufacturer with whom we have created a particular relationship. We have set ourselves specific objectives: to favor fair trade and small traders to have quality control by offering products of controlled origin and deriving from agriculture




Our director and creator of MIXTIS blends


Purchasing Manager and RHACCP


Production manager, quality control


future Director (insured succession)

All our “mixtis” organic line is 100% natural guaranteed. What makes our “mixtis” Organic Ground Spice Blends so special is that all the unique flavors, essential oils, vitamins and minerals of each spice are preserved, as well as their shelf life, thanks to a freshly grind.


Whole spice, whatever it is, contains all the flavors, essential oils, vitamins and minerals that are one of a kind. For this reason we have created a specific ” MIXTIS ” line, whole organic spice blends made and manipulated with delicacy, respect and knowledge, in order to preserve and enhance all the richness of the taste of each spice.

We are a laboratory, we are not a shop and we have no showcase on the street.

The conservation of our products! An important point for us!

Storing spices or herbs is simple but requires rigor. All our spices, herbs, sugars and infusions are stored in a warehouse protected from light and whose temperature and humidity are checked every day. This way, your products will be packaged when your order is prepared in our laboratory. This is essential to ensure the freshness of flavors and the good preservation of all our products. This is a process that takes us a little longer! That way of proceeding guarantees a high quality product, as we check every spices and herbs before conditioning them.

Food quality bags and jars

We have deliberately chosen Kraft (ecological) bags for food, opaque with or without windows and hermetically resealable. The closure must be hermetically sealed with a zip, so that the product retains all its freshness, its flavor and its good conservation. Our white iron jars are also designed to keep all the freshness and flavor of each ingredient. It is also environmentally friendly.

Compliance with hygiene rules

This is the fundamental rule when working in the food industry and we are trained on this important subject and we are very respectful of this rule.