Advent Calendar

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Organic Smoked Tiger Pepper

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Organic black garlic honey

December 8

Organic Smoked Tiger Pepper Refine your steaks, fish, cheese or sauces with the finest flavors of this pepper and a pleasant smoky note. Its fruity,

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December 7

Murray River Salt Flakes These crunchy salt flakes go perfectly with meat or fish or raw vegetables or salads. Organic Thai red curry In Thailand,

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December 6

Organic star anise Star anise also flavors desserts, especially pastries or cookies, but also to flavor savory dishes. Star anise can also be used as

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December 5

Organic “Christmas Spices” We have created the “Mixtis Line”, spice blends with each product derived from organic farming. A blend of spices that goes perfectly

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December 4

Ticinese organic whole grain polenta flour Ticino corn flour is a special corn meal from Ticino. It is ideal for the preparation of a creamy

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December 3

White pyramid salt of Greece These sweet salt pyramids are of exceptional quality in both taste and appearance, a finger salt in its finest form.

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