Black sugar from Amami Oshima

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Amami Oshima is a wild and unspoiled island of the Nansei archipelago, which stretches from Kyushu to Taiwan. This prodigious island enjoys an exceptional climate. Farmers harvest up to four sugar cane harvests per year, which allows them to produce black sugar all year round. Sloping fields require a difficult manual harvest.
Black sugar is 100% natural, smooth, fragrant and healthy.

In the mouth its flavor is powerful and rich in aromas! In addition to sweetness, of course, it offers multiple notes including cocoa, a hint of licorice and notes of toasted spices. It is so good that some people eat it straight like candy!

Its use is easy and universal. It will replace your brown sugar and will be the ideal ally for all your desserts. You can flavor your cakes, waffles, crumble, biscuits, sprinkle your French toast (simply extraordinary!).

As with any sugar, you can use it to make caramel!

It will also be fabulous in marinades, for preparations such as sweet and savory sauces. You can add it to a salty soy sauce, for example, but also use it in traditional Asian recipes, such as caramelized pork, pork chops or even Peking duck.

Definitely one of the best sugars in the world!

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Ingredients : 100% natural black cane sugar

Origin: Japan

Quality: Conventional

Packaging: White iron jar / Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

Black sugar is 100% natural, smooth, fragrant and healthy.

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