Collection "Salts of Europe"

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Here is a collection of five salt pipes from Europe. For lovers of taste, an original gift to offer.
Inside the package you will find an explanatory note for each product


  1. Winemaker’s Salt 30g(France):
    This salt goes perfectly with cheese, foie gras, fish, rib of beef, scallops, game or a simple summer salad.
  2. Cornish salt flakes 26g(England):
    The texture of these beautiful artisanal sea salt flakes makes them the perfect finishing salt, ideal for salads and canapés, meat and fish.
  3. Alpine Salt 38g(Germany):
    Alpine salt convinces with its pleasantly mild taste and its gray-red appearance. Thanks to the many minerals it contains, this natural salt is particularly suitable for all kinds of meat dishes.

  4. Havsnø salt flakes

    25g (Norway):
    Havsnø is the ideal salt for table salting, fish, pasta, salads, appetizers or juicy beef steaks.
  5. Italian smoked salt 42g(Italy):
    Its spicy and pronounced taste is perfect with meat, fish, vegetables, and soy products. It is also suitable for giving a strong and rich flavor to vegetarian or vegan dishes.
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  1. Danish smoked salt 41g (Denmark):
    It can be recommended for roasting and grilling meats, as the smoky aroma here greatly enhances the other flavors present and can be the famous dot on the “i” to give to a grilled steak.
  2. Djibouti Salt Beads Cal.1 43g (Djibouti):
    It can be used anywhere, like a classic salt. This is the finest gauge and can be used as is, exactly like a fleur de sel. It is a very dry salt, which crunches under the tooth.
  3. Hawaiian green salt 41g (USA):
    Try Hawaiian green salt with typical Asian rice or seafood dishes.
  4. Persian Blue Fine Salt 43g (Iran):
    This very fine salt goes perfectly with meat, fish and vegetables. On cheese or on a chocolate dessert.
  5. Kala Namak Black Salt 39g (India):
    Especially recommended with vegetables and exotic fruits, but also with fish. The fruit also gives fruit juice drinks or long drinks an extraordinary taste. For vegans, black salt is particularly popular at the table for its egg flavor.