Danish smoked salt

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This salt from Denmark is a wonderful gourmet salt with its smoky aroma and natural ingredients.

The basis for this salt is the Dead Sea salt. This salt is cold smoked with beech wood and has an intense flavor and aroma, reminiscent of food that has just been smoked. It is particularly suitable for all dishes that need to acquire the smoky flavor. This is why it gives a good flavor and a rather strong aroma to foods for vegetarians and vegans, without having to resort to products of animal origin.

In the same way it can be recommended for roasts and grilled meats, since here the aroma of smoke strengthens the other aromas present considerably and can represent the famous dot on the “i” to be given to a grilled steak.

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Ingredients : Cold smoked sea salt with beech wood

Origin: Denmark

Packaging: Jar / Zip bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No