Organic date syrup 250g

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Extracted from cooking dried fruit, date syrup reveals all the natural sweetness of the fruit and a creamy texture like honey. In their composition: 79% fruit, water … and that’s it!

A natural alternative to sugar, this sweet and fruity syrup will marvelously flavor your smoothies, teas or infusions and bring a gourmet touch to your muesli, desserts, pancakes and waffles, for pastries, yogurt and also for sweet and sour marinades, oriental dishes or breakfasts. Ayurvedic.

Fair and sustainable in terms of economic ethics, social development and environmental protection.

TMC: 09.02.2024

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Ingredients: * Dates * 79%, water

Origin : Tunisia

Quality : * Organic agricultural product

Packaging: 250g dispenser

Storage : Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens : No

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