Organic Ginger-Lemon and Turmeric Syrup 350ml

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Swiss product

This syrup is a treat to be consumed both cold and hot, with or without alcohol.

Shake well before serving. A deposit may form, which is completely normal and proves the quality of the product.

After opening, it should be stored cold (0° to 4°C) and consumed within 3-6 months*.

TCM: 07/15/2023

Guaranteed organic. No additives, dyes or preservatives. Made in the heart of Zurich with carefully selected fruit, handmade with passion and based on old grandma’s recipes with organic raw materials from sustainable sources.

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Ingredients : * Organic Sugar (D / CH), 29% * Ginger Juice (PE), 7% * Lemon Juice (I), * Water and Turmeric Extract (IND)

Origin: Switzerland

Quality: Product of organic farming

Packaging: 350ml bottle

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

*Vegan. Without citric acid

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