Liquor of Chasselas with gold flakes

35.00 CHF

Citrolle was founded in 2018 and is based in Rolle, Switzerland.

Inspired by nature and its delicious fruits, they offer classic and revisited recipes, using flavors and ingredients in pursuit of delicate tastes and scents. All quality, with no preservatives, flavorings or artificial coloring.

A Chasselas-based liqueur, with aromatic grape notes that enhance its harmony and aroma, embellished with edible 23-karat gold microspheres. Excellent with desserts, in fruit salads and on ice cream, it is suitable as an innovative ingredient in cocktail preparations.

Ingredients: Chasselas grape juice, sugar, alcohol (Fruit origin: F├ęchy VD)

Origin: Switzerland

Produced and bottled by: CITROLLE 1180 Rolle (VD)- Switzerland

Quality: conventional

Packaging: 500ml glass bottle

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No (no dyes or preservatives)

Disclosure: Impurities are typical of artisanal production and do not affect quality.