Organic Herb Mix for Tzatziki

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A classic of Greek cuisine.

Tzatziki is a yogurt, cucumber, garlic and herb based sauce that can be served with grilled meats, or simply as an appetizer with bread and olives.

Our blend is made from garlic, dill, mint and pepper. Just mix it with yogurt and grated cucumber, ideally a few hours before serving. You can also add a drop of olive oil. It can also be made with sour cream.

You can also use this mixture to dress salads, vegetables and legumes, to flavor grilled meat and fish and to add a touch of spice to your dishes. grilled fish, and to give a special touch to omelettes and mayonnaise, even in the vegan version.

See the traditional Greek sauce recipe …

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Ingredients : Garlic *, Dill *, Peppermint *, Black pepper *

Origin of ingredients: EU / Non EU

Origin: Switzerland

Quality: * product of organic agriculture

Production : OASI DELLE SPEZIE – Made in Switzerland in our laboratory

Packaging: White iron jar / Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

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