Organic chestnut flakes 125g

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Ticino product

These delicious flakes are made from dried chestnuts, first moistened and then gently pressed between two cold rolls. This converts the starch it contains into glucose, making the flakes not only sweeter, but also easier to digest. As a staple food, they support a balanced diet.

Chestnut flakes are a delicious and healthy alternative to corn flakes and muesli, often artificially sweetened. Chestnut flakes are delicious with milk, yogurt, muesli and soups. They’re guaranteed to give sweets or ice cream that certain something. In their natural and dry state, flakes are a real snack between meals.

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Ingredients:: * 100% chestnuts (IT)

Origin: Italy

Quality: * product of organic agriculture

Packaging: 125g bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Produced by: La Pinca – 6516 Cugnasco (TI)

Allergens: No

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