Organic ground Ceylon cinnamon

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This spice is harvested twice a year. It comes from the cinnamon tree, a tree whose bark is scraped off and then cut into strips. These strips, when dried in the sun, give the sticks we know.

Cinnamon is used in various recipes: for dessert, it flavors a salad of oranges, brioche or sweets, honey. Its use extends to savory preparations, especially exotic ones: it can be used with sauces, curries or couscous. Cinnamon is also found in hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, mulled wine, or herbal teas.

All our spices come from organic farming and fair and sustainable trade. In addition, they are ground at the time of ordering

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Ingredients : * Ground cinnamon ( Cinnamomum verum ) when ordering

Origin: Sri-Lanka

Quality: * product of organic agriculture

Packaging: White iron jar / Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

Cinnamon is a spice rich in antioxidants. It is also an important source of energy.

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