Organic mix for Plancha (whole)

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Of Spanish origin, the cooking “a la plancha” is present in many tapas bars. It is a subtle and easy to use cooking method. With its sheet metal plate, it allows you to grab food over very high heat to caramelize and preserve its nutritional qualities.

Our Organic Plancha Blend can be sprinkled directly on fish, shellfish, meat or vegetables.
It can also be used in an oil marinade.

It can also be sprinkled on skewers or barbecue grills.

Preferably grind in a mortar. An electric mill will also do very well.

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Ingredients : Licorice *, Mustard *, Onion *, Paprika *, Tarragon *, White pepper *

Origin of ingredients: EU / Non EU

Origin: Switzerland

Quality: * Organic farming products

Production : OASI DELLE SPEZIE – Made in Switzerland in our laboratory

Packaging: Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: * Mustard (seeds)

The information reported on this site never has a medical / prescriptive value as it is entered for informational and informative purposes only, and therefore cannot be substituted for the advice of your doctor.* Mustard (seeds)