Organic tomato vinegar from Ticino

9.00 CHF

Ticino product

Naturally fermented and acetified with the traditional method of the mother and clarified by decantation.

This tomato vinegar is a 100% natural delight: it is made only of several varieties of sun-ripened tomatoes. It is light and delicate: it goes wonderfully with virgin dried fruit oils, seed or olive oil for any type of salad. Also excellent for peeling cooked meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

It will be in perfect harmony with olives, pork tenderloin, grilled meat, potatoes, tabbouleh, chicken, onions, vegetables, eggs, fish, fresh cheese and for marinades.

This vinegar is 100% natural. If you see any sediments, do not worry, it is normal, and above all they do not compromise its quality.

Ingredients : * Vinegar produced from the juice of different varieties of Ticino tomatoes

Origin: Switzerland (Ticino)

Quality: Bio Gemma Suisse

Packaging: Bottle of 250 ml

Produced by: Bio farm of Pier Antonio Nodari 6514 Sementina

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

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