Organic sweet paprika

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Paprika is a particularly popular spice in Spain and used in Asian, Maghrebi and especially Hungarian cuisine. It is obtained both from the ripe seeds of pepper, which are dried and ground, and from the dried fruit itself. With a beautiful orange-red color, paprika has a pungent, slightly bitter, spicy and pronounced aroma.
Its taste can enhance many preparations but also dye them red: it is a first choice dye, it awakens a dish served with rice, for example.

Paprika is used in the composition of goulash. Deliciously accompanied by meat (beef, pork or poultry) or fish, especially shellfish (shrimp, lobster), stews or ratatouilles, risottos. It also goes very well with goat cheese.

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Ingredients : * Sweet paprika

Origin: Spain

Quality: * Product of organic agriculture

Packaging: Spreader / White iron jar / Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

It has great anti-inflammatory properties and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Decongestant, expectorant and rich in vitamin C, paprika helps prevent colds and treat lung diseases and coughs.

On the Scoville scale, its strength is 1/10

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