Organic Persillade (Garlic and parsley)

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Persillade is widely used in French cuisine. Our garlic and parsley blend has a sweet and fragrant flavor.

It enhances salads, raw vegetables, stews, sauces, sauces, grilled meats, vinaigrettes, omelettes, green beans and other vegetables, fish, snails, fried mushrooms, Provencal tomatoes or dried tomatoes.

It can also be used on shellfish (shrimp, prawns, scampi ….), with cuttlefish or even on pizza! You can sprinkle it on all the above dishes without risking making a mistake! A teaspoon for 2 people will be enough to deliciously perfume your dishes often accompanied by olive oil and / or breadcrumbs!

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Ingredients : Garlic *, Parsley *

Origin of ingredients: EU / Non EU

Origin: Switzerland

Quality: * product of organic agriculture

Production : OASI DELLE SPEZIE – Made in Switzerland in our laboratory

Packaging: White iron jar / Freshness bag

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

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