Organic granulated porcini mushrooms

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These dried porcini mushrooms come from certified wild growth and have an intense flavor. After harvesting, the “king of mushrooms” is dried in the open air. During this process the water is removed and the aroma remains highly concentrated. The name “porcini” derives from the fact that the pulp is firmer than that of many of its peers. Unfortunately, fresh mushrooms are not available in all seasons. Therefore, our granules are the perfect solution if there is no fresh mushroom available.

Light nutty aroma and taste with an intense aroma

Porcini mushroom granules are excellent for refining soups and sauces, for mushroom risotto or for dressing stews. Also delicious sprinkled on an autumn salad, for example with walnut kernels.

Try it in a Bolognese sauce!

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Ingredients : * 100% natural dried poricini

Origin: Bosnia

Quality: * product of organic agriculture

Packaging: Jar / Bag saves freshness

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

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