Organic birch sap

19.50 CHF

Organic birch sap is collected from the trunks of white birch trees (Betula pendula) in the wilds of eastern Finland. Pure, unpasteurized and preservative-free, it restores all the benefits of this nectar offered by nature.

Rooted in Russian and Finnish traditions for centuries, it has a fresh, light taste that is very pleasant in the mouth. By drinking it daily throughout the year, you can benefit from its purifying, diuretic and antioxidant action. It is a precious drink to be enjoyed without moderation and discovered without further ado!

Organic birch sap is harvested in small quantities, respecting the tree, and produced by a family-owned business. It is packaged in a protective glass bottle.

Ingredients: 100% *pure birch sap (Betula pendula).

Origin: Finland

Quality: * Product of organic agriculture

Packaging: 500ml glass bottle

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and away from light

Allergens: No

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