Sprouter "Classic" Biosnacky

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With this sprouter, growing sprouts at home is a breeze. It’s a real treat for the whole family and tastes fresh and natural. From the tiny seeds grow sprouts, which are a source of essential substances for the body on the one hand and a crunchy treat on the other.

On bread, in fresh, crisp salads, tossed in olive oil for delicious gratins, in omelets, vegetable fritters, soups, sauces, muesli, added to pasta, rice, vegetable, meat and fish recipes

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The bioSnacky® Classic Sprouting Machine consists of:
1 Lid
3 Containers for sprouting: Transparent and wide. You can grow 3 types
of different sprouts, or have fresh sprouts every day thanks to a sowing
staggered over time.
Drain siphons: Ensure optimal water flow and ensure that
a balanced and constant humidity.
An Aeration System
A Water Collection Container

Important Note:
The Sprouter is made of Plexiglass (PPMA), an environmentally friendly material suitable for uses
– Contains no Cadmium, formaldehyde, or Bisphenol A (BPA).
– Scratch, impact and UV resistant.
– Easy to use and clean.
– Designed to allow optimal light to pass through and to maintain ideal
conditions for growth.